Thursday, January 5, 2012

Where can I get Herbal Incense in Northern Virginia?

Herbal incense in northern virginia has become increasingly rare. Due to the blanket ban on such products you are only able to obtain herbal incense in Maryland and not in northern virginia.

You may find some retailers selling herbal incense in northern virginia, but they are not potent and quality is pretty stupid. 

If you want better choices it's best to goto maryland for your northern virginia herbal incense needs. I recommend the place below for prices and choices.  They have many herbal inense and are very close from northern virginia.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Herbal Incense in Maryland - Where to buy Herbal Incense in Maryland

Herbal Incense has really picked up in populatiry in Maryland recently. Several states have prematurely banned herbal incense without doing any research. Most herbal incense sold in Maryland are safe and use research chemicals that mimic marijuana if smoked.

Of course they are marketed for aromatherapy only and not for human consumption. However, I assume people know what the actual use of herbal incense in Maryland is for.

If you are a user or have always wanted to try some herbal incense in Maryland you're in luck. Unlike in Virginia it's very easy to get herbal incense in Maryland. Many stores sell them and prices vary widely. It's important to find a good, reliable store and stick with them. Help your local small business out.

The best place I have found so far to buy herbal incense in Maryland  It's by far the best in terms of price. They have herbal incense starting from $10 in Maryland and offer volume discounts if you buy a bunch.

You should visit their store and support them if you're looking for herbal incense in Prince George's county Maryland. Their store is:

Monday, November 28, 2011

Is Spice Legal in Virginia?

Is Spice Legal in Virginia?

This is the question that has been asked by fellow surfers for a bit. Is spice legal in Virginia? Sadly the answer is No. Spice is not legal in Virginia. However, all is not lost yet.  You still have time to enjoy some spice herbal incense or any other brands as herbal incense is still legal in Maryland.

Although Spice is not legal in Virginia, you can just cross the . They still legally sell Spice and other herbal incense brands in Maryland.  If you live in Northern Virginia then you're set. You can go and get your fix.

So yes, it's not legal to buy spice in Virginia, but it's perfectly fine in Maryland. Goto the store below for your spice needs in Virginia area.

Herbal Incense in Vriginia - Where to buy it?

Where would you find Herbal Incense in Virginia?

It's getting increasingly difficult to find good quality herbal incense in Virginia. Not only good quality, actually it's getting quite difficult to find any herbal incense in Virginia. Over the last year, the ban on synthetic marijuana in Virginia has made the price skyrocket and herbal incense unavailable within the state of virginia.

However, all is not lost for all you Herbal Incense users in Virginia. You can still get it at a small convenience store in Maryland. I know it's not as good as having it in Virginia, but it's right across the Wilson bridge and about 5 minutes from Alexandria, VA.

So, if you're in the mood to blaze with no risk of losing your job because of a drug test, head on over to maryland and get your Herbal Incense, even if you live in Virginia. It's not much of a drive and you'll be glad you did.

They have many different brands of herbal incense for you crazy smokers in Virginia and DC along with Maryland. People are happy to recommend their store to others.
You can call before heading out to make sure they got your brand. If you're too lazy they can even arrange shipping.